Linda Dibble - President

Linda brings to the team over thirty years of business management. Her background includes a history in construction, accounting, and business management.

Linda has been managing AWWS, since early 2005, and became President /Owner in 2011. Her organizational skills and attention to detail have enabled her to succinctly orchestrate this company’ service oriented infrastructure.

Under Linda’s direction, AWWS’ clientele list has nearly doubled in size, while keeping a focus on ensuring that each of our clients is provided with effective and economical services.

Sean Dibble - VP of Operations

Sean, like many of our team members, manages several roles within AWWS. Sean is our Operator of Responsible Charge, Vice-President of Operations, and a Certified Water & Wastewater Operator.

Sean brings to the table strong background in water line installations, and construction. Sean gained his experiences through both his service in the U.S. Navy - SEABEES, as well as from his various roles as Project Supervisor / Foreman, and equipment operator, with construction firms in both Northern, and Southern Colorado.

A quick read, Sean mastered the skills needed to be an effective environmental operator, moving his certifications up from entry level, to his current levels, in record time.

Sean’s natural aptitude for attention to detail, and his natural leadership skills have earned him respect among his clients, and fellow operators, alike.

Operator ID# 13738

Colorado Certifications:

· Class B - Wastewater Operator

· Class B - Waterworks Operator

· Class C - Industrial Operator

· Level 3 - Wastewater Collection Systems Technician

· Level 2 - Water Distribution Systems Technician

Operator ID# 12103

Wyoming Certifications:

· Level 2 – Water Operator

· Level 2 – Wastewater Operator

Operator ID# 3064

Nebraska Certifications:

· Level 2 – Industrial Wastewater Operator

Additional Certifications:

· HomeSpring Certified technician

· Certified Back-Flow Prevention Device tester

· OSHA 40 HAZWOPER - certified


Hope Dibble - Compliance Manager / TMT. Design Consultant

Hope is among the core group of team members at AWWS, having joined team in the spring of 2005.

As our Compliance Project Manager, Hope works to stay abreast of the numerous changes to county, state, and federal environmental compliance regulations.

As our Chief Liaison, Hope is charged with the management of all formal correspondence with the various regulatory agencies, on behalf of our clients.

One of the most vital parts of Hope’s role with AWWS lies in her creation, and maintenance, of lasting and authentic relationships with both the regulators, and the regulated community. It is in this “bridge gapping” that AWWS has discovered not only our mission statement, but also our biggest successes in navigating through complex compliance related issues.

Operator ID#13818

Colorado Certifications:

· Small Wastewater Systems Operator

· Small Water Systems Operator

Dennis Markham - Operations Mgr. / DMR Cognizant / Certified Operator

Dennis has been with AWWS since the beginning, and currently functions as our Operations Manager and DMR cognizant.

As part of his extended duties as Operations Manager / DMR Cognizant, Dennis has been preparing the monthly discharge monitoring reports for each of our wastewater clients, for the last 15 years.

In his performance of each of these duties, Dennis has utilized his knowledge as a seasoned operator, with extensive experience performing process control sampling, and in-house lab analysis to enhance his ability to trouble-shoot any issues that arise with our client’ treatment systems.

Operator ID# 3964

Colorado Certifications:

· Class A - Wastewater Operator

· Class C - Waterworks Operator

· Class C – Industrial Wastewater Operator

· Class 4 - Wastewater Collection Systems Technician

Michael Stack - Certified Water / Wastewater Operator

Michael (Mike) has been part of the AWWS team for the last three years, and is currently our lead operator, under Sean. Mike has, over the last three years, developed into an extraordinarily well-versed water & wastewater operator.

Mike’s range of skills, loyalty to the company, and willingness to be flexible, whether that means dropping what he is doing to assist another operator, showing up early, or staying late to ensure that the job is done right, has not only made our team more dynamic, but also provided a direct benefit to our clients as well.

Operator ID: #13493

Colorado Certifications:

· Class B - Water Operator

· Class C - Wastewater Operator

· Level 3 – Collection Systems Technician

· Level 3 – Distribution Systems Technician

Additional Certifications:

· HomeSpring Certified technician

Julie Reycraft - Data Manager / Water & Wastewater Operator-in-Training

Julie is a self-starter, and smart on her toes! Julie is one of our newest hires, having entered our apprenticeship program at the beginning of this summer.

Though new to the environmental services industry, Julie was already enrolled in several continuing education environmental sciences classes, so she rose to the top of our hiring list.

Even within the relatively short period of time since her hiring, Julie has already shown great potential for a long career as both an intuitive, and thorough operator in this field.

Operator ID: #PENDING

Colorado Certifications:

· Small Water Systems Operator

Dan Powell – Certified Wastewater Operator

Dan has proven to be both reliable, and versatile, as an operator, bringing both a willingness to hone his skill, and a sense of humor that improves the work atmosphere for everyone that he comes in to contact with.

Dan has not only developed as a traditional field operator, but has also taken the lead in accumulating field data for a long-term ground water study. His attention to detail has ensured the validity of our study results, and confidence in our overall reporting.


Operator ID#14358

Colorado Certifications:

· Class C - Wastewater Operator

· Level 1 – Collection Systems Technician

· Class D – Industrial Wastewater Operator

Marie Taylor - Data Manager / Certified Water & Wastewater Operator

Marie has been working in the data management filed since the early nineties. She has also been a certified operator, for the last six years.

Marie has proven to be an invaluable part of our team for her willingness to jump in and work both in the office and in the field. Whether responding to a facility emergency call, or completing complex, detail-oriented, reporting, Marie has always been A+ dependable.

Operator ID: #24183

Colorado Certifications:

· Small Water Systems Operator

· Small Wastewater Systems Operator

Additional Certifications:

· HomeSpring Certified technician

Taylor Reid – Water & Wastewater Operator-in-Training

Taylor is the latest team-member on our roster, and shows promise to be an effective, and conscientious field operator.

Operator ID: #TBD