Back-Flow Prevention
AWWS' Staff now includes Certified Back Flow Prevention Device Technicians!

Water Districts - 

Each of our Water District clients is committed to providing the highest quality water to each tap holder. On behalf of, and for the protection of each Water District, we offer inspections of all commercial, and dual water source, connections.

These inspections consist of a visual confirmation that the physical water-line service connection at each address is properly secured through the use of test-able back-flow prevention devices.  

Back-flow prevention devices are used in a variety of applications in this sector, including; outside spigots, sprinkler systems, etc. Any service connection, whcih does not have a back-flow prevention device in place, poses a potential threat of bacteriological contamination to the rest of the tap holders, both residential, and commercial, and to the Water District distribution system as a whole.  

Commercial Facilities - 

The Colorado State Health Dept. has implemented regulations that requires certain types of commmercial facilities to install test-able back-flow prevention device assemblies, to ensure the integrity of their water supply, and health of the population served, is maintained.   

Our extended services include;

  • Back-flow prevention assembly testing and repair
  • Cross-connection control survey performance & reporting
  • Fire sprinkler system back-flow testing & repair. 

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